Danika Dinsmore Through Tube Adjusted

I have fluttered and dabbled and adventured my way through life, but the one constant has always been WRITING. I can not not write. And you don’t want me to not write either, because I get anxious and grumpy.

I had starry-eyed poet aspirations when I was in university, turned to screenwriting when I fell in love with moving images, and landed in speculative fiction with a focus on children’s and young adult literature. It makes sense, though, because I certainly live in a world of my own making and never really wanted to grow up.

Using my skills and experience as a performance artist and educator, I developed my  Imaginary Worlds Tours Events and often take my show on the road to schools, libraries, bookstores, conferences, and festivals across North America. One of my favourite things to do is get up in front of a group of children and act like a child myself.

I have been teaching creative writing and world-building for twenty years and do a very select amount of developmental editing for both screenplays and novels. If interested in rates or further information contact me HERE.

My original blog can be found at theaccidentalnovelist.blogspot.com and the one after that was theaccidentalnovelist.wordpress.com. They both contain numerous writing exercises for those looking. Some day I will demolish both old blogs and pass the torch to the next Accidental Novelist, since I don’t think I can call myself that any longer. If you want the title, let me know and I can clear a url for you.


This website contains discussions around children’s literature and speculative fiction, writing exercises, life exercises, and other randomness about the writing life I pick up along the way.