Ondelle of Grioth


(SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t read the first two books!)

Faerie Tales from the White Forest: Book Three

Ever since the High Priestess gifted Brigitta with the element of air, Brigitta has felt more powerful. But she has also been disturbed by visions of Ondelle’s life. When she reveals this phenomenon to the Council of Elders they are more worried than supportive. When she tries to gain understanding from the Air Faeries, she is met with suspicion. And when the memories that plague her convince her that the new High Priest must seek an audience with the Eternal Dragon, he refuses to make the journey.

Driven by what she knows she must do, Brigitta steals the High Priest’s sceptre and, along with her friend Jarlath, makes her way to Eternal Beach. The only problem is that someone else has gotten to the Eternal Dragon first, and the Ancients are now under his command.

Book One: Brigitta of the White Forest
Book Two: The Ruins of Noe
Book Four: Narine of Noe

Omnibus Edition! (Books One, Two, and Three)


A charming, magical journey.
~Cassandra Rose Clarke, author


… a wild and wonderful ride . . .
~Sara Nickerson, author