Every Woman Over 40 Should Have a Gay Boyfriend – #102

Me:  I bought some lipgloss today. GB:  Yay!

Blake Snyder’s Logline Contest

And speaking of Blake Snyder and loglines… he’s having a contest on his blog. The deadline is Feb 18. The idea is that you have to change one letter in the title of a famous movie, and write the logline for that film. For Example: GONE WITH THE WINE — Scarlett “Merlot” O’Hara is a southern belle and lightweight drinker, whose fierce ambition to save her ante-bellum home changes to a mumbled “fiddle-dee-dee” whenever she has more than one glass of “Tara-ble” table wine. One of his readers named Gary has come up with some good ones: Nightmare on Elf Street – A killer is targeting the happy helpers of the North Pole threatening to kill Christmas. Ho, ho horror. and The Fridges of Madison County – When called to fix an ice maker a Maytag...