Fragments at 3:15

17 more days until the 2010 3:15 Experiment begins!

Every year you think it may be the last, but you can’t help yourself. You must write. It’s like playing the same numbers on a lottery ticket each week. That poetic gold may come. You succumb. You buy a magic journal and pen. You set your alarm. You are a 3:15 warrior.

This year I know is gonna be awesome. I can just feel it in me bones.

I JUST finished typing up all my entries from last year and I pulled out a few fragments to share. The logic and wisdom of 3:15 half-dreamness. It never gets old.

from 3:15

it’s too hot to jump through hoops and
dog biscuits make more sense than

~ ~ ~

dream saboteurs keep me locked in an
office of noncommitment


the Doctor says make happy
before you fall asleep    make a
subconscious stew of feelings
of peace and love                I thought
this is me in my happy place
and still guns pointed at me
as if my blood would stop

a war


I bet          no one but insanity

knows what it’s like to run amok


If all our moments came back
to haunt us,     where would
they sleep?
Moments moping under the
accelerator, biding time in the kitchen


All edible agents
are drawn and quartered, distributed
w/out much fanfare.

Placing the lower quarter of an
idea in his mouth, he declared
all originality sin.


drawings that are purposeful
that show the ring to royalty
and unobstructed lustre offsets
become angles of the revolution


don’t go into the light I’ve decided,

no, no, stay right here   eat
sausage w/lentil soup.   be at
the poker game, mind games, keep
your mind bending     it’s exercise
stupid, this thinking.   buy
gas masks.  visit Hawaii.  Look for
a private island to return to, or live
in peace.     Go north.    Kick a
snowman.  brush your teeth.


what to do with a husband
what to do with fondue


everyone dressed to the nines
except me
about six-and-a-half.


my details like dust    mingle    in space
every time I look out now     I see space
I see us in it     hurtling     around the
sun     centripetal force     and here I am
a universe of universes     talking
to you     my random formations
hurtling     in their proper places
around the sun     all of us     me too.


I am a triangle maiden
mother crone (w/out the
mother) a childless triangle
an escape artist
put your love in a box
in a window     on the curb

Chalk on sidewalk
hopscotch     come home

I almost flew away
I could have if
I had enough speed

you can’t roll a triangle
you can’t plant
a triangle seed.


The 3:15 Experiment has a FACEBOOK PAGE. Check out the participants, cheer each other on, get the best advice from old hats, chew some 3:15 fat.


  1. LindaLC
    Jul 15, 2010

    Oh, thanks a lot, Danika…I wasn’t going to do it this year, and then I had to read this! Because you’re right, it’s like playing lotto numbers…what if THIS is the YEAR where you spew out something really neat?

    “what to do with a husband
    what to do with fondue”



  2. I’m evil.

    But it’s so true – if I didn’t participate I’d wonder what gems went undiscovered.

  3. meeshelleneal
    Jul 20, 2010

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! Those are memorable 🙂

  4. @Meesh – it’s what’s great about the experiment. you never know what random phrasings will emerge.

  5. Suma
    Aug 1, 2010

    Dog biscuits – love it:-)

    Looking forward to your poems in 3:15 this year Danika. I passed this year because I have an ongoing eye infection.

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