Poetry, Prose, and Purpose: an Interview

A few months ago I was interviewed not only by March Twisdale of Poetry, Prose, and Purpose (aired on Voice of Vashon) I was also interviewed by her 12 year old son, who had just read the first three books in my White Forest series.

The interview is now officially posted online for listening!

Poetry Prose Purpose

March Twisdale and Danika Dinsmore


It’s lovely. March is a fantastic interviewer and adds much to the discussion. But it’s long interview, over an hour, and we’re all so busy these days. So, I created a handy-dandy Table of Contents for the Interview so as you’re listening, you can just click to the part that piques your interest.

** TEACHERS, LIBRARIANS, and other EDUCATORS:  there’s a portion about what I do in the schools that begins around 45 minutes in. 🙂 **

If you’re like me, I like to listen to interviews while I’m cooking or baking or cleaning up from cooking or baking. I’ve added two links below to the items I made while listening to this interview.


TOC to Poetry, Prose, and Purpose INTERVIEW 
with Danika Dinsmore

00:00 Mini Introduction to Poetry, Prose, and Purpose

01:26 (“sneaky” part of interview) a sound check and casual chat with Jordy (12) & Danika about her White Forest series (SPOILER ALERT – do not listen to this portion if you want to avoid some major spoilers from Books 2 and 3)

12:45 Official Introduction to the show, to March’s son Jordy, and to how March met Danika

14:40 Jordy’s official interview with Danika begins

15:15 Danika talks about Book Four (Fall 2015) and the remainder of the White Forest series

17:00 How parent/kid focus groups are helpful for writers

18:00 Discussion of Book Two and the Ancient’s plan for uniting the world

20:00 Discussion of how the series might appeal to a boy audience

21:25 Interview with March begins: The adult writer/reader perspective and significance of children’s literature

24:50 Significance of science fiction and other speculative fiction in young adult literature

28:52 Discussion around themes in Danika’s fantasy series and other children’s books

38:25 Discussion around the Power of Story

41:15 Danika’s new work in progress: YA contemporary (The Perks of Being a Wallflower for queer girls)

45:38 Danika’s work in the schools and inspirational writing exercises

51:50 Danika reads an excerpt from Book One

01:03:25 Final question: In a world filled with “bad” news, what message of HOPE would you like to leave readers and listeners?

~   ~   ~

Recommended things to cook while listening:

Pumpkin Apple Curry Soup (This is some seriously good soup)

Hemp Heart Breakfast Cookies (I used hemp hearts, coconut, and raisons for my “extras”)

For more health-conscious recipes, check out my Sweetwood Cookbook collection on my Pinterest Page






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