White Forest Resources for Teachers

All Four Books 2015 final

This page will continue to grow and morph as more activities are added. If I provided an exercise in your classroom that you’d like to see posted here, contact me at info(at)danikadinsmore(dot)com

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NOTE: grade levels are merely suggestions. These activities could be adjusted to fit a wide range of students.

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Creating Destiny Wing Markings (grades 1 – 6)


Fantastic Characters (grades 3 – 8)


The Character of PLACE (grades 9+)


Building a World Book (grades 4 – 12)

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These ideas and leading questions may be used as jumping off points for class discussion or for essay topics, journal entries, and other expository writing assignments.

Faerie Tales from the White Forest THEMES

Identifying Imaginary Beings

Using Literary Devices and Creative Language

The QUEST story


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Crossword Puzzles! (grades 5-7)
Book One Crossword v.1
Book One Crossword v.2

Songs! (grades 1-6)
Journey Song
Song Flight


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