10 Hours to Raise $670 for our LIVE ACTION Book Trailer

I have been negligent here as I gear up for my book tour, which starts in 10 days and includes 25 separate events. I’ve been a marketing machine (and my creative side has been sorely neglected).

In the middle of all of this, we’ve (me and a team of talented film people) been working on creating a LIVE ACTION book trailer for Brigitta.

We’ve got 11 HOURS left to raise $670 on Indie Gogo! Not sure if we’re going to make it (especially since a few people were having trouble getting their donations to work on the site), but we’re going to try, even if it’s $10 at a time!

We’ve cast our two faeries, Prop Guru made a fabulous stone sprite, and we shot Hrathgar Evil over the weekend

Yvette gets her Hrathgar on!

(more photos on the UPDATE section on the campaign page).

We’re cutting a “teaser” now and shooting the rest of the trailer in April (due to my long book tour in between), but we have to raise the money now to get the rest of the props built. Everyone is donating their time and talent – the funds go towards prop building, make-up, equipment rentals (monitor, sound, etc), and food for happy crew members.

Every bit helps and if you’re not in a position to donate, your happy good vibes juju and cheering help too! We like that.


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