White Forest Omnibus (Vol 1)

A wild and wonderful ride…
Sara Nickerson, Author
How to Disappear and Never Be Found

A charming, magical journey…
Cassandra Rose Clarke, Author
The Assassin’s Curse series


Dinsmore weaves a coming of age story through a world
that is both fantastic and believable.
Rise Reviews

The Omnibus! It’s here!

Get the first THREE books in the Faerie Tales from the White Forest series, ALL IN ONE BOOK. (It’s true!)


ebook $7.99 / print book $24.99 (9/15/14)


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The OMNIBUS edition (Vol 1) features:

Book One:  Brigitta of the White Forest
Book Two: The Ruins of Noe
Book Three: Ondelle of Grioth

Including all maps and lexicons that appear in the original works.

For those who enjoy fantasy adventure, Faerie Tales from the White Forest offers a new twist on the traditional faerie tales so loved by young readers.

From devastating curses to death-defying quests, Water Faerie Brigitta and her growing collective of misfit friends face greater and greater challenges when destiny calls upon them to “make the balance right again” after the Great World Cry has left their world in elemental chaos.