Middle Grade Mondays: The Enchanted Inkpot

Since I’m away this week, I thought I would leave you with a fabulous author site to explore. THE ENCHANTED INKPOT is a collective of writers of “high, historical, traditional and cross-genre fantasy intended for middle-grade and young adult readers.”

On their website they have a list of the authors, their bios, and tons of interviews. I think I’m going to use this site as a reading list. Why not? It’s a great resource.

MG Authors on the site include: Ellen Booraem (The Unnameables, Small Persons with Wings), Kate Coombs (Runaway Dragon, the Secret Keeper), Jennifer Nielson (Underworld Chronicles), Jacqueline West (The Books of Elsewhere), Hilari Bell . . . it goes on. It’s a good sized list. You’ll just have to go check it out.

There’s a list of ALL the books from the Inkpot authors on GOODREADS.

If you are a writer of MG/YA fantasy and would like to join the Inkpot collective, their requirement is that you must be with a publisher listed in CWIM or an agent listed in CWIM, AgentQuery, or other recognized agency listing. SEE HERE for more details.


  1. Deb Marshall
    Mar 19, 2012

    Awesome, awesome blog, Danika…thank you for reminding me of it!

  2. barbarawatson
    Mar 19, 2012

    Danika, great link!

  3. Barbara Watson
    Mar 19, 2012

    I’m having trouble with wordpress blogs today. Just checking something.

  4. cleemckenzie
    Mar 19, 2012

    Thanks Danika. Wherever you’re off to I hope it’s fun!

  5. Ellen Booraem
    Mar 19, 2012

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out for the Inkpot! We’re always looking for a good discussion of MG and YA fantasy, so please join the conversation. And Danika, I hope you’re off somewhere nice…

    • Sure thing, Ellen. You’ve got a great collection of authors.

      I’m in Bologna, Italy for the children’s book fair. So, yes, very nice indeed! 🙂

  6. tracikenworth
    Mar 20, 2012

    I’ll check this site out, not quite ready to be listed yet, but there’s always tomorrow!!

  7. anniecardi
    Mar 20, 2012

    Such a great resource! Thanks for the heads up.

  8. spbowers
    Mar 20, 2012

    What a great resource. Thanks!

  9. 4amWriter
    Mar 22, 2012

    Awesome information. I can’t wait to check it out further. Thanks, Danika!

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