Qarrtsiluni Call For Submissions: Economy

Being one of the coolest online literary mags (and not just because they published us), you should check out QARRTSILUNI.

They just announced that submissions are open for a new issue on “Economy.”

Guest editors are Anna Dickie and Pamela Hart.

Deadline is May 31.


  1. Suma
    May 2, 2009

    Hi Danika..How did you pull off such a long poem at 3.15 am. It has a great sense of rhythm to it which I liked.
    Thank you for sharing the link.

    • openchannel
      May 21, 2009

      The poem is actually made up of lines from 3 separate poems. We each chose 15 lines from the poems we wrote separately on Aug 15th. We didn’t tell each other which lines we chose, so hence there are many duplicate lines, which adds to the rhythm.

      Thanks for checking it out!

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