The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here! !

(heh ~ remember phonebooks?)

Okay, I lied. It’s not the new phone books. And I’m probably the only one who even gets that reference (It’s one of my favourite movie scenes ever. And that goes to show you just what kind of a dork I am).

But ~ yay ~ not new phone books. The Nice Purolator Man delivered these boxes instead. Books for a week of launch events around Vancouver. Freddy Suave is excited. He is so excited the green laser beams are going off in his eyes.

Book Two is even more fabulous than Book One on so many levels. Everyone is getting better at what they do, including me. But also, one novel could have been a fluke. I could have been the literary equivalent of Dexy’s Midnight Runners. But two books, I think that means I’ve passed some kind of test. There may even be a club membership involved.

This map by the fabulous Alison Woodward makes my heart happy. I’ve always loved maps, all kinds, and loved maps in books. I’d say I can even be map-obsessive. When I’m reading a book with a map, I’ll literally stop reading to reference the map and find out where the actions is taking place.

Exciting month ahead. Full of magic and adventure. I will do my best to maintain a regular blog schedule, but I can’t promise anything! If you want to tune into what’s going on regarding Brigitta and Noe, check out Briggy’s Facebook page or the White Forest website.


  1. Julie
    Apr 11, 2012

    They look fabulous. Well done 😀

  2. 4amWriter
    Apr 12, 2012

    Hooray! Maddy will be excited (so am I, of course, but Maddy is still immersed in #1). Last night she read me the chapter with the frogs and the stabbing and the dark, greasy fluid…she thought that was soooo gross but soooo cool.

    • hahaha. funny, b/c an early reader thought I should take that part out – he thought it was too graphic. I like when the eyeballs come flying out of the frog. 🙂

  3. Charissa
    Apr 12, 2012

    These look so great! You have a right to be excited!

  4. yoongz
    Apr 19, 2012


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